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Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Wayne Johnson Calls Out Democrats For Backing Away from Commitment to Solve Student Loan Debt Crisis

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Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Wayne Johnson Calls Out Democrats
For Backing Away from Commitment to Solve Student Loan Debt Crisis

Macon, Ga. May 18, 2020 – Republican Senate candidate Dr. Wayne Johnson assailed House Democrats today for abandoning their long-held commitment to resolving the student loan debt crisis in passing their $3 trillion stimulus bill Friday.

“The time is coming soon when the country will have no choice but to solve the student loan debt crisis and get the government out of the student loan business, and this just proves that it will take a Republican to do it,” said Johnson, one of 21 candidates in the special Senate election in November to fill the final two years of the term of Senator Johnny Isakson.

“The House Democrat’s commitment to student loan debt cancellation is now limited to $10,000 and the number who would benefit at this ineffective level was cut in half. This Democrat-led stimulus bill abandons positions held by Senators Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.”

Johnson resigned from the Trump Administration to pursue the U.S. Senate seat in the unique November election where 21 candidates will appear on the same general election ballot. Johnson’s focus is on ending the student loan debt crisis that impacts 1.8 million Georgians and more than 42 million more nationwide.
House Democrats revised their stimulus proposal last week to a limit of $10,000 of student loan forgiveness, but only for borrowers who were “economically distressed” on March 12.

“The House version of the bill will not pass the Senate, and it should not,” said Johnson. “We can solve this student loan debt crisis and give an unprecedented and lasting financial stimulus to Georgia families, but it cannot be done one piece at a time and based on partisan politics.”

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About Dr. A. Wayne Johnson

Dr. A. Wayne Johnson is recognized as a preeminent expert on student loan debt in the country. Johnson spent two years inside the Trump administration trying to fix a system he eventually realized was broken beyond repair. Before joining the Trump Administration, Johnson spent more than three decades as an entrepreneur, senior executive and CEO of multiple businesses, both domestic and international, in the consumer finance and customer service support industries. He is a U.S. Army veteran, an Eagle Scout and a product of Georgia’s education system. He holds a PhD in Higher Education Leadership from Mercer University, a Master of Business Administration from Emory University and Bachelor of Arts from Mercer University. He makes his home in Macon, Georgia.

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