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Dr. Wayne Johnson – Your Choice, Your Vote, Your U.S. Senator for Georgia.

Who would be better to serve you in the U.S. Senate?

Two Republicans who spend all their time trying to be the candidate who is closest to President Trump, or one who left Washington when he faced the choice of either getting along in the D.C. Swamp or getting out of the Swamp? Dr. Wayne Johnson made the decision to get out of Washington and only come back if he was in a position with enough power to make a real difference.


Or, do you prefer two Republicans who have never solved a real problem for Georgians, or one who says he wants "to have a job to something big than have a job and do nothing?" Dr. Wayne Johnson wants to be in the Senate so he can do real work, not because he wants to have the title of U.S. Senator.

Or, do you want to vote for two Republicans or the leading Democrat because that’s what a political party tells you to do, or would you vote for an independent-minded Republican with an unmatched business career? Dr. Wayne Johnson has the credentials of being a successful businessman for more than 40 years and will be a faithful representative for all the people of Georgia.

Or, do you want to vote for two Republicans who willfully choose to keep piling debt on the backs of 1.8 million Georgians trapped in the federal student loan program, or do want to vote for an expert in the field who has called the trillion dollar student loan program a “sham” and wants to get the government out of the student loan business forever? Dr. Wayne Johnson, former head of the Federal Student Loan Program, resigned from office and called-out the program and the government for causing crippling student debt as destroying the very fabric of America.

The list goes on and on. Listen to Wayne’s story. Hear a true statesman cut from the same cloth as great Georgia Senators Saxby Chambliss, Sam Nunn and Johnny Isakson. Then, consider this question: Do you really want to vote for just another typical Washington politician, or do you want to elect a Senator who will actually make your daily life better?

Dr. Wayne Johnson is a great choice for Senator, and you have the chance to vote for him as your next U.S. Senator for Georgia in the special Senate election on the November 3rd ballot. Take 10 minutes, listen to Wayne and then make the courageous, smart choice.

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