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Georgia's Unique "Jungle Primary" November 3rd, 2020 Explained

The special U.S. Senate election in November to fill the final two years of retired Sen. Johnny Isakson is different than any Senate election in which you have voted. It’s called a “jungle primary” because all the candidates appear on the same ballot; there are no partisan Republican or Democratic primaries.

As a Georgia voter, you will, for the first time, have a chance to elect a U.S. Senator that is best candidate. This is a unique election and unique opportunity for you.

This video explains this once-in-a-lifetime vote. Please share it with your friends and families. Don’t depend on the media to provide the education.

The candidates that will appear on the ballot are:

Kelly Loeffler (Incumbent) (Republican Party)
Deborah Jackson (Democratic Party)
Jamesia James (Democratic Party)
Tamara Johnson-Shealey (Democratic Party)
Matt Lieberman (Democratic Party)
Joy Felicia Slade (Democratic Party)
Ed Tarver (Democratic Party)
Raphael Warnock (Democratic Party)
Richard Dien Winfield (Democratic Party)
Doug Collins (Republican Party)
Derrick Grayson (Republican Party)
Annette Davis Jackson (Republican Party)
A. Wayne Johnson (Republican Party)
Kandiss Taylor (Republican Party)
John Fortuin (Green Party)
Brian Slowinski (Libertarian Party)
Elbert Bartell (Independent)
Allen Buckley (Independent)
Michael Todd Greene (Independent)
Valencia Stovall (Independent)
Rod Mack (Independent) (Write-in)

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