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Opportunity Plus Plan for Senior Care

Dr. Wayne Johnson is the only candidate of the 21 on the ballot for the November special U.S. Senate election who is on Medicare. Wayne is also the only candidate on the ballot who has owned and provided residential living for seniors. Without question, Wayne’s has more real-life experience with the issues seniors face than any of the other 20 candidates.

The Opportunity Plus Plan for Senior Care will feature a tax credit to help families pay the bills for in-home care provided to their elderly parents, something talked about around the kitchen table. As someone who transitioned by choice to Medicare, Wayne knows the healthcare program is more expensive than Americans are led to believe and should be less expensive to seniors. He also understands how a lifetime of assets built by seniors can be quickly consumed by the government when a senior on Medicare enters a nursing home, and Wayne knows the federal law that needs to be changed to fix this devastating loophole.

Opportunity Plus Plan

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