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Opportunity Plus Podcast with Wayne Johnson

Ending the student debt crisis for 1.8 million Georgians, helping Georgia families pay for their parents’ senior care, and solving other important issues of daily life, like a paycheck that never stretches far enough, are what Wayne’s Johnson’s Opportunity Plus Podcast is all about.

On this podcast, businessman and entrepreneur Dr. Wayne Johnson communicates about kitchen table issues that Georgians talk about every day. As you listen to this podcast, it is important to note that Wayne set aside three decades of business success and resigned from the administration of President Trump last October to pursue a matter he believes is of the utmost importance to the people of Georgia and our nation ... that of ending the student loan debt crisis in America. 

Ending the student loan debt crises that is tearing apart the societal fabric of America starts by changing Federal laws, which govern the current, broken Federal student loan program. Changing these laws starts best in the U.S. Senate, and that is why Wayne is o ne of 21 candidates on the Nov. 3 Federal election ballot in Georgia’s unique “jungle primary.”  The winner will complete the final two years of the term of a great Georgian, Senator Johnny Isakson who recently retired. 

This Opportunity Plus Podcast will tell the story of how Georgians can band together to look at all the special election Senate candidates and pick the one that will make Washington work for Georgia. As you get to know Wayne Johnson, and what he stands for, we believe your will determine that Wayne is the unique candidate that can, in fact, “Make It Work For Georgia.”