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Talk92.1 FM - Valdosta Talk with Scott James

U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Wayne Johnson drove down from Macon and joined Valdosta Mayor Scott James Matheson on the Scott James Show. They talked about Wayne's Opportunity Plus Plan for Georgia and his campaign ... and a little Allman Brothers.

Learn More - http://www.opportunityplusplan. com

About 20,000 families in Lowndes County have student loan debt. They are part of the 1.8 million Georgians who owe more than $60 billion in federal student loans. The Mayor and Wayne talked about how a Republican has a plan to cancel that debt, send the 1,200 annual graduates of Valdosta and Lowndes County high schools to college debt free and pay for it without adding a penny to the national debt.You can read the full plan here: OPPHE link

"What a great benefit it is to Valdosta to have its businessman mayor on the radio every morning to talk about the good things and challenges the community faces," Johnson said after the 23-minute interview.

Wayne Johnson is one off 21 candidates on the ballot for the special U.S. Senate election in November to fill the final two years of the term of Sen. Johnny Isakson. There is not Republican or Democratic primary in this election. All candidates are on the same ballot, and Georgians, for the first time in their voting lives, can select the best candidate who will solve kitchen table issues, and not a candidate chosen in a partisan political primary.

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